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Field Operator (Male)

Industry: Oil and Gas/Utilities Energy Sector 
Key Accountabilities: 

The job involves operating a Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) plant using PLC and SCADA systems, and maintaining equipment like propane tanks, air compressors, and generators. The job also involves monitoring activities like filling, storage, and distribution of gas until the customer's PRMS. Documentation is completed promptly, and calibrated detectors are used. Maintenance, repair, and replacement of equipment are performed. The SNG/LPG Yard is maintained 24/7 to ensure uninterrupted gas supply. The job involves responding to customer calls, escalating major incidents, maintaining site security, and maintaining a quality assurance system. 

Minimum Qualification: 

High school diploma/Experience in gas distribution utilities, SNG Plant System, PLC System in GCC, combined knowledge of instrumentation and SNG System, continuous operation of all systems in plant and control room. 

Job-Specific Skills:

The candidate possesses excellent English proficiency, strong communication, analytical thinking, technical and commercial knowledge in the SNG Gas plant, and the ability to interpret technical drawings and specifications. 

Salary: As per industry standards. 

Nationality: Any nationality* 

*Indian Visa quotas are not available. 

Note: Only qualified candidates who strictly meet the above criteria need to apply. 

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